Today telecom operators globally are looking for every opportunity to rapidly transform their businesses into a smarter, faster, efficient and virtualized environment which is more suitable to capitalise on the unfolding opportunities in the digital and connected future. But this is easier said than done.

On one hand, operators are caught in the quagmire to transform and break through the shackles of big iron boxes, proprietary solutions, vendor lock-in, and disparate network and customer management tools, leading to tardy and scuttled growth. On the other hand, over the top players and new innovators continue to evade the telco markets and erode revenues. Data revenues at the mercy of the over-the-top players and app developers have almost replaced voice and SMS. Attempts to break out of this spiral through innovation have also failed and millions have been wasted already. Unless there is urgent change, costs will rise steeply and telcos will be lucky to sustain current data revenue levels for much greater volumes.

Does this sound a death knell for traditional operators? Yes, but all is not lost yet.
Internet of Things (IoT) monetization opportunities are out there. Telecom operators will have to transform rapidly to be able to capitalise on the unfolding opportunities of a CONNECTED FUTURE.



Tata Communications Transformation Services (TCTS) brings in a unique OPERATOR perspective and a paradigm shift to the traditional managed services. TCTS brings the real world experience of OPTIMISING, CENTRALISING AND CONSOLIDATING operations of large, complex global networks of three large different entities, which was the very genesis of forming TCTS.

Transformation services from TCTS are built around the key transformation imperatives of the CSPs namely Process re-engineering, tools transformation, network transformation and cost transformation.

The transformation led managed services from TCTS offers to free up operators from the legacy operations, clears roadblocks and paves way for faster SDN/NFV adoption and drives execution efficiencies through process and tool optimisations.



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