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RPA Solutions


Robotic Process Automation or RPA solutions has become synonymous with process automation. The telecom industry routinely struggles with inconsistent data, low operational agility, and high OpEx and CapEx.

Tata Communications Transformation Services’ Neo AutomataTM RPA Solutions is custom-built and can automate any type of activity that is repetitive or rule-based. It reduces processing errors caused by human oversight by a large margin, resulting in accelerated service delivery and significant cost savings for the business.

But that’s not all.

The real benefit of Neo AutomataTM RPA lies in its impact on customer satisfaction.

How TCTS Neo AutomataTM RPA works

Neo AutomataTM RPA uses RPA software tools – known as software robot or “bot” – for processing large transactions. It mimics the way a human user would perform a task. Since the bots interact with individual systems like a human user, no complex system integration is required. The more intelligent a bot, the more it learns from its mistakes and performs the task with amazing precision.

The TCTS automation practice has over 200+ RPA experts and 1,000+ telecom SMEs. The offerings include:

  • Consulting services: Identify the scope of automation
  • Implementation: Train and test each bot
  • Support: Monitor bot effectiveness
RPA Solutions

Business Benefits

Users of the TCTS' Neo AutomataTM RPA solutions suite have observed remarkable improvements in terms of performance, margins and customer appreciation:

RPA Solutions

70-80% reduction in processing cost

RPA Solutions

100% reduction in Human error rate

RPA Solutions

Enhanced productivity

RPA Solutions

20-30% reduction in cycle time

RPA Solutions

Enhanced customer satisfaction

RPA Solutions

ROI in 4-5 months

Use Cases

RPA Solutions


  • Configuration management – backhaul service creation
  • Reporting & dashboard creation
  • Auto ticketing
  • Software patch upgrade
  • Database patch upgrade
  • Network coverage ticket management
  • Removal and addition of site in live network
  • Change in the frequency of existing service
  • Deletion of service in live network
  • Resetting NOC applications password
  • Creation of new users to access NOC applications
  • Alarm monitoring & troubleshooting
  • Ticket handling and referring for exceptions
  • Trouble ticket creation
RPA Solutions

Order Management & Service Delivery

  • Carrier tail ordering automation
  • Facility work order generation and updating
  • Auto service termination
  • CBO retail data (SRT install order) – Care Back Office
  • NGM MxU (greenfield) – New Growth Market Multi dwelling Unit
  • IP Disconnect FWO automation (IP Disconnect Facility Work Order)
  • FW Closure (Facility Work Order Closure)
  • OE disconnect FWO automation (Ethernet Disconnect Facility Work Order)
  • NGCE (Next-Generation Link Aggregation)
  • IP new lag creation (IP new link aggregation)
  • Transport provisioning clustering
  • Transport provisioning automation
  • MapInfoToGML conversion
RPA Software Tools

Billing & Finance

  • Vendor on-boarding compliance check
  • Registration certificate – new/amendment, form creation
  • Payment processing for vendor invoices
  • Employees travel and expense claims
  • Bulk digital signature
  • Pricing Reconciliation
RPA Software Tools

Service Assurance

  • ITED, FMS (Facility Management System) and ASAPNOC alignment

RPA demo videos

Delivering enhanced customer experience with Neo Automata™ RPA

Improving average handling time by 50%

Improving efficiency and accuracy using Neo Automata™ RPA

Success stories

RPA Software Tools

Leading Canadian Operator

Inventory Accuracy Process

  • Improved process time by 30-40%
  • Saved 25 man-hours/month
  • Delivered 100% accuracy with exception reporting
  • Exceptional quality resulted in enhanced customer experience
RPA Software Tools

Tier-1 Indian Telco

Invoice Processing

  • 15-20% efficiency and accuracy
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Centralized operations & measurement framework
RPA Software Tools

Tier-1 Turkish Operator

Unified Service Assurance

  • 20% reduction in processing time, Around $1Mn cost savings
  • Stable networks
RPA Software Tools

Tier-1 South African Operator

Ticket Management

  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Improved quality
  • Efficient & secure flow of sensitive data
RPA Software Tools

Leading UK Operator

Order Management

  • 50% reduction in processing time
  • 100% accuracy with exception reporting
  • 24*7 execution with real-time scheduling & monitoring



TCTS’ Neo AutomataTM Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Offering


* T&Cs apply: TCTS shall develop the bot using remote access to your environment/tools/applications, using the trial version of the tools (unless you have the RPA tool) which shall be valid for a period of 30 days. The development team shall be based in India. During these 30 days period, the working bot for ideal scenario shall be delivered without any maintenance support and without any warranties on as is basis. Post 30 days period, if you wish to use the BOT further, the parties shall enter into a contract.

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