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As the demand for more data, video streaming and real-time messaging is on the rise, the communications industry is in need for high-computing node hardware and firmware. To increase operational efficiency and reduce OEMs and CSPs, we have been contemplating to adopt cloud-based solutions. Hence, Self Optimising Networks (SON) management plays a dominant role in addressing the complex requirements.

Amid growing demands for mobile broadband connectivity, wireless carriers are keen to capitalise on SON to minimise rollout delays and operational expenditures associated with their ongoing LTE and small cell deployments.

Originally targeted for the Radio Access Network (RAN) segment of wireless carrier networks, SON technology is now also utilised in the mobile core and mobile backhaul segments. Furthermore, the SON ecosystem is increasingly witnessing convergence with other technological innovations such as Big Data Analytics (BDA) and Deep Packet Inspection (DPI).

Key Service Offerings

TCTS through its years of experience customises the network implementation portfolio to meet the growing demands for its customers globally.


Based on the cloud architecture of NFV, Self-Organising Network (SON) technology

  • Minimises the lifecycle cost of running a wireless carrier network
  • Eliminate manual configuration of equipment at the time of deployment
  • Dynamically optimise performance and
  • Troubleshoot during operation

All these can significantly reduce the cost of the carrier's services, improving the Opex to revenue ratio.

  • Delivering speed and efficiency through diversified and multi-skilled implementation experts globally
  • Reduced time to market for telecom operators with feet on street presence in major locations globally through TCTS and its credible partner resources and facilities
  • Enhance flexibility and scalability to ramp up resources on requirements through global pool of experts
  • Vendor neutral competent workforce with proven tools offering enhanced efficiency and compliance to first time right and right every time methodology
  • Knowledge and compliance to global health and safety standards

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