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Network Rollout consists of four broad areas - Network implementation, PMO, Capacity management and Migration.

Network Implementation

Telecom operators globally face an uphill task to expand the network by introducing new sites and infrastructure to meet the growing business requirements without compromising on safety and quality standards.

TCTS through its vendor agnostic knowledge and skill set combined with telco lineage is the preferred system integration partner for deploying telecommunication network and infrastructure for wireless and wireline networks.

With its proven program management and project management framework, TCTS enables faster time to market for telcos and a quality framework, ensuring First Time Right (FTR) and Right Every Time (RET) approach to the network implementation aspect.

  • Radio Network Elements - BTS / NodeB / SRAN Installation, Commissioning Integration and its associated components like but not limited to Antennas, Feeders, and Cable Assemblies etc.
  • Core Network Elements- PS Core, CS, Core, IN and associated infrastructure Installation Commissioning and Integration
  • Transmission and IPMPLS Core & Access – DWDM, SDH, Access, IPMPLS and Ethernet Network Elements Installation, Commissioning and Integration
  • Telecom Infrastructure Elements- Batteries, Rectifiers and Utility Components
  • Last Mile Connectivity's – Switches, Routers, CPE s, ONT s and Home Gateways for Retail Solutions
  • Fibre Rollout- NLD, ILD, Access, FTTx Fibre rollout Solutions

  • Delivering speed and efficiency through its diversified and multi-skilled Implementation experts globally
  • Reduced time to go to market for Telecom Operators with Feet on Street presence in major locations globally through TCTS and its credible partner resources and facilities
  • Enhance Flexibility and Scalability to ramp up resources on requirements through global pool of experts
  • Vendor neutral competent workforce with proven tools offering enhanced efficiency and compliance to First time right and right every time methodology
  • Knowledge and Compliance to Global Health and Safety Standards

Capacity Management

Telecom operators globally invest significant time, capex and opex in constructing and managing their network infrastructure. This infrastructure is just about adequate to offer basic voice and messaging services. However, with the evolution of next generation telecom services, the demand for bandwidth has increased significantly.

This demand is extremely volatile, which makes the network planning task all the more challenging. There is a substantial underlying risk while balancing the capex / opex investments vis-a-vis the predicted revenues, which are not assured

TCTS capacity management solutions provide a detailed assessment and assists in designing the optimal capacity for a telecom network based on business / user requirements. With these solutions, CSPs can;
  • Identify the network utilisation trends through appropriate tools and industry best practices
  • Forecast demands through trend analysis of user / network historical data and bandwidth consumption pattern analysis
  • Optimise the Capex and Opex spend thereby bringing substantial commercial benefits through Just in Time capacity management approach.
  • Enabling reuse of network resources where demand for high capacity ceases to exist due to change in business environments

Key Offerings:
  • Service capacity management to evaluate peak service utilization and service performance reports
  • Forecasting management to perform impact analysis of user/business demands on the existing resources and requirement of additional resources
  • Business capacity management to understand present and future capacity requirement
  • Network resource capacity managementto devise rules for triggers to operations team for redeployment of network resources
  • Development of KPI mechanism for CxO reviews and prediction and preparation of enhancing capacity based on business and network trends
  • Evaluation, customisation and development of tools suitable to meet the business and network requirements

Value Proposition:

TCTS capacity management solution helps CSPs establish a reference point to collate, analyse and design the ever-growing needs of network through, historical and real-time trend reports and analytics

The real-time tracking of utilisation of resources leads to optimal usage of network assets and thereby realises the Capex/Opex investments yielding business/revenue benefits


Telecom network migrations are a critical part of operations. TCTS migration solutions have been conceived from the various network consolidations and acquisitions through its telco lineage.

Some of the key migration services offered are:
  • Event based migration services as part of network consolidation
  • Event based migration services as part of services migration
  • Field based migration services of POPs and data centres
  • Risk assessment for migration services

Value Proposition:
  • Fast-tracked execution of migration services with efficiency and speed
  • Minimal disruption of services and reduced MTTR
  • Enhanced analytics and recording of key observation, SOP and MOP for reference to similar engagement on BAU basis
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
  • Single point of contact for e2e migration services from managing the program, activity and closure

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