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CSPs are under constant pressure to reduce costs and want to embrace new technologies either to simplify processes that make them more agile or to become customer-centric so they are more competitive and able to launch services quickly.

Today there is no dearth of technologies that are knocking at the door of CSPs. What is required on the part of CSPs is to find a right technology partner who can help them choose a technology that fits into overall scheme of things. The concept of one-size fits is a long gone era.

Tata Communications Transformation Services (TCTS) brings in a unique OPERATOR perspective and a paradigm shift to the traditional managed services. TCTS brings the real world experience of OPTIMISING, CENTRALISING AND CONSOLIDATING operations of large, complex global networks of three large different entities, which was the very genesis of forming TCTS.

TCTS offers the following Next Gen Services –
  • Cloud Computing
  • M2M
  • IoT
  • SDN / NFV
  • Self-Optimising Networks
  • MVNO
  • Heterogeneous Networks
  • Smart City Solutions
  • UCC
  • Lab as a Service(LAAS)

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