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What you cannot measure, you cannot improve! With increased data usage and downloads over smartphones and the internet, CSPs are struggling to measure customer experience. As a result, they are rolling out new networks and multiple service delivery to make sure that their overall customer experience across devices and platforms remains unaffected. CSPs have realised that customer experience management (CEM) is not just about improving network performance, but it is host of other things including analytics that go beyond networks.

So what constitutes CEM? While CEM today is a complicated subject, TCTS aims to simplify and limit the study into primarily three things – a) actively listening to the voice of the customer b) analysing it c) taking business decisions based on the analytics

TCTS has a reporting tool called “CEM Dashboard” that effectively measures customer experience.

Key Service Offerings

CEM Tool

The tool is built on hierarchical principle of key business indicators (KBI) being derived from key quality indictors (KQI) and KQIs are derived from key performance indicators (KPI).

While KBI measures top line improvement, KQI measures network quality, ease of service, touch point experience, etc. KPI breaks down network quality into voice quality, call drop, etc.

TCTS Approach

The way TCTS' CEM dashboard functions is quite unique because it does many things which other tools in the market do not really provide:
  • Simplifies measurement of internal/external customer experience
  • Customer experience dashboard in days rather than weeks
  • Vendor agnostic solution
  • Customer specific customization & indices definition


  • Capable of handling multilayered analytics as well as drill down
  • Can be used for internal and external customers
  • Reporting parameters can be customised on the fly
  • Users can create their own specific dashboards
  • Delivery through online dashboards
  • Can be used for creating any type of reports and dashboards
  • Tools can be interfaced with OLAP Server, database, FTP
  • Quick delivery & economical
  • Excellent aesthetics

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