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TCTS, enabling #SMART network solutions globally!

Catch us live@ IoTAA’s - IoT Impact Conference, Australia 2019.

Governments across the globe are envisioning a smarter approach in solving netizens issues and Australia is no different! Clearly, intent is to improve cities’ operational efficiency, & provide welfare & convenience to public via technology. And therein lies the commercial opportunity for every telecom service provider to latch on! With 5G, Smartcity initiatives & Connected devices on the rise, a number of use cases has presented itself in both, consumer sector & enterprise businesses. Hence, it is pertinent that CSPs be network ready and have a virtual platform strategy in place to monetise opportunities.

Tata Communications Transformation Solutions, a partner of choice for CSPs globally in Network transformation, cordially invites Government Officials & Industry Leaders to join TCTS Executives at IoT Impact Conference, Australia and discuss current digital infrastructure priorities, and learn how we help building smarter, faster, efficient and virtualised communication networks.

TCTS at the conference will showcase its global experience in end to end IoT & Smart City Solutions across networks, Platform's devices & applications, building and managing greenfield access networks including LPWAN technology, evaluating and testing off-the-shelf solutions, Mobility, Network Security, Managed operations and Professional services.

Unique TCTS Solutions for Smart Cities

Automated Metering

Innovative and scalable metering solutions for the utility industry

Environment Monitoring

Business assets and facilities monitored for efficiency and control

Smart Lighting

IoT-based smart lighting solutions that optimise street lighting and conserve energy

Women Safety

Redefining women’s safety with technology

Intelligent Traffic Management System

A comprehensive e-ticketing solution

Smart Parking

Complete ecosystem connecting commuters to city parking space

City Surveillance

Monitor and manage crowd behaviour effectively

Asset Tracking Solution

Connecting intelligence to your assets

Employee Health & Safety Solutions

Safety as a solution to proactively prevent worker safety related incidents

Key Features of our Solutions

Success Story

TCTS' Smart City Project in India

Jamshedpur TCTS transformed the India-based Jamshedpur Utilities and Services Company (JUSCO) from an obligatory service into a customer-focused and sustainable corporate entity.

The key use cases demonstrated include: smart sewage network management (manhole monitoring) workforce tracking water quality control smart street lights water/gas AMR surveillance/door sensors and waste management
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