Traditionally in a Telco world, a new service means - installation, commission, billing, configuration, etc. of a new box over days or weeks. In contrast, today’s web-scale companies activate new services thousands of times during a day. While the OSS/BSS systems of many Telcos are automated, they still cannot on-board new services in minutes. Transformation of Telcos / Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to Digital Service Providers (DSPs) seems like a tall order with all the changes required for next gen BSS/OSS, the need for platforms, more automation and the multi-touch customer relationships.

While CSPs' transformation journeys are unique, they should be aimed at regaining their competitiveness and securing better operational and commercial position. The size of tasks varies depending on the maturity of the CSP, and is a complex and iterative process that requires careful consideration and cooperation with customers, partners, and employees. The result should be to ensure that the business can move to a simpler structure and embrace agile ways of working, embed intelligence, implement extreme automation in systems and processes, and around its analytics and data-mining. There are common considerations and using a framework can help de-risk CSPs' transformation journeys.



  • TRANSFORM OPERATIONS with a goal to SIMPLIFY business
  • DRIVE EFFICIENCIES through automation and tools adoption – AUTOMATE
  • ACCELERATE REVENUES through rapid launch of new age digital services – INNOVATE
  • Tata Communications Transformation Services has evaluated over 60 CSPs globally, across six different market segments to build a Telco Transformation Framework which will enable CSPs to de-risk and accelerate their transformation journey. The fundamental goal of Transformation framework is to make businesses simpler, faster and more efficient to deliver superior Customer Experience across all digital channels and services. LEARN MORE

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Telcos need to transform their operations by simplifying business processes to improve network performance and Omni-channel service management to ensure faster service delivery, desired QoS and enhance end customer experience. TCTS enables CSPs to SIMPLIFY their business by facilitating VIRTUALISATION – SDN / NFV, SD-WAN, NEW TECHNOLOGIES ROLLOUT / NGN ADOPTION – 5G, MIMO, Small Cell, 4G / LTE/ LTE-A, High Speed Low Latency Ultra Mobile Broad Band, Next-generation Service Assurance and capacity enhancement (via FTTx, Wi-Fi backhaul), Inventory management and legacy migrations and consolidation.
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Transformation of CSP’s business processes (service assurance and service delivery), adoption of next gen tools and rapid automation have become critical for CSPs to gain competitiveness and to secure a better operational and commercial position. TCTS works with CSPs to drive efficiencies with process benchmarking and optimisations – business excellence, OSS ORCHESTRATION – On demand / Service management across channels, Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), field force automation, NOC – Service Assurance tools transformation, Digitisation – Open APIs, Open Digital Architecture (ODA) tools and platforms.
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Telcos need to enter new business models offering network infrastructure to business enablement to consumer centric digital services to improve their margins and expect growth in the next decade. TCTS enables Telcos in accelerating revenue and improving profit margins by assisting in the new digital services launch, monetising IoT, video-on-demand, cloud services, SDWAN, UCC and managed security services.
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5G presents a generation shift in network technology that can drive transformational benefits of revenue acceleration by powering the Internet of Things (IoT) / M2M devices. Telcos operating their current 4G/LTE networks have already started to load test their readiness by active investments and initiatives to quickly remove bottlenecks from existing legacy and transition to an all IP network.

Learn how TCTS enables CSPs in easing network complexity, versatility & scalability by virtualising network as a readiness for 5G.


TCTS, with its decade long experience in telecom managed services, is enabling the World’s largest IoT network on LoRA in India. TCTS understands the complexity in deploying IoT, which involves - identifying right components from different suppliers, experience in handling hybrid network environments (Sigfox, NB-IoT, Cellular networks, and Wi-Fi, etc.) and the requirement of robust, proven integration capabilities.

Learn how TCTS, as an end-to-end IoT orchestrator, enables Telcos in the IoT value chain.


In the Telco transformation journey, virtualisation is the key to drive operational efficiency, agility and service innovation. The need to overcome saturation in Telco legacy systems is often backed by investments in agile, cloud-centric, software-based digital architectures – Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV).

Learn how TCTS can enable Telcos gain control of network assets, improve network performance, reduce operational challenges, save on administration and operational time, and optimise the total cost of ownership.

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