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THE FUTURE TELCO will be a pervasive and AN INTELLIGENT CONNECTIVITY HUB rendering smarter, faster, efficient digital services on demand, to improve human interactions with the world around us. For most Communication Service Providers (CSPs) this journey will be a non-linear, complex and an iterative process, spanning across technology nuances, varied business ecosystems and breaking down their own cultural barriers. Embracing technology transformation, clearly defining the transformation strategy and embedding the culture of INNOVATION will become essential first steps to bring this transformative change. THINK FUTURE – THINK. TRANSFORM.

While CSPs' transformation journeys will be unique, they should be aimed at regaining competitiveness and securing better operational and commercial position. There are common considerations and using a framework can help accelerate and de-risk these transformation journeys – SIMPLIFY | AUTOMATE | INNOVATE

  • TRANSFORM OPERATIONS to SIMPLIFY business for customers, partners and employees. Simplifying business processes to improve network performance and omni-channel service management to ensure faster service delivery, desired QoS and enhance end customer experience will be essential starting point.
  • DRIVE EFFICIENCIES through AUTOMATION leading to SMART OPERATIONS. Transformation of CSP’s business processes (service assurance and service delivery), adoption of next gen tools and rapid automation have become critical for CSPs to gain competitiveness and to secure a better operational and commercial position.
  • INNOVATE - ACCELERATE REVENUES through rapid launch of innovative digital services. CSPs will have to enter new business models offering network infrastructure to business enablement to consumer centric digital services to improve their margins and expect growth in the next decade.
  • ENHANCE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE across new age digital services will become the primary measure of success for all transformation initiatives.

Showcasing Telco Transformation Framework

Tata Communications Transformation Services (TCTS) invites communications industry stalwarts to discuss transformation roadmaps for THE FUTURE TELCO as we showcase leading case studies from our global operations. TCTS experts will discuss telco transformation imperatives and provide actionable insights into transforming operations, driving efficiencies, accelerating revenues and enhancing customer experience. Meet TCTS experts and discuss CSP transformation priorities to build smarter, faster, efficient and virtualized communication networks.


  • Rapidly build capacity and high speed connectivity across transport & core network – Deploy fibre deeper into the network
  • Re-architect the existing network for efficiencies – Next Generation Network Planning & Design
  • Legacy retirement and migration – ALL IP Network
  • B/OSS Transformation
  • Next Gen Tools and Automation (RPA)
  • SMART Operations – Big Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics and AI


  • Design, Planning & Vendor Evaluation
  • Network Roll-out
  • Industry Specific Application Ecosystem
  • Operations & Maintenance

Virtualisation – SDN / NFV

  • Development, Deployment & Support
  • Consulting/Evaluation Services
  • Test Automation Solution
  • Prognosis & Remediation Based on Analytics


Service Provider Digital Transformation Roadmaps

CSPs can plan their transformation journey by using a framework that can help de-risk their transformation journeys. This paper guides CSPs on what needs to change, and how they can implement change.