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In the near future, telcos will speedily roll out new network services to augment their revenue and growth. However, they will continue to encounter implementation challenges in terms of hardware limitations, legacy integrations and the constant need to upgrade and update device software. SDN and NFV act as the solutions to such challenges, and thus become an integral part of a CSP's network virtualization strategy. Early adoption of these innovative technologies can transform the infrastructure of telcos, making them more agile, which in turn empowers new innovations with drastic reduction in timelines. CSPs can also take advantage of IT-related cloud expertise in network virtualization, which will accelerate service deployments, promote cost savings and facilitate flexibility in selecting the right solutions.

There are common considerations, and using a framework can help accelerate and de-risk a CSP’s unique digital transformation journey – SIMPLIFY | AUTOMATE | INNOVATE

  • TRANSFORM OPERATIONS to SIMPLIFY business for customers, partners and employees. Simplifying business processes to improve network performance and omni-channel service management to ensure faster service delivery, desired QoS and enhance end customer experience will be essential starting point.
  • DRIVE EFFICIENCIES through AUTOMATION leading to SMART OPERATIONS. Transformation of CSP’s business processes (service assurance and service delivery), adoption of next gen tools and rapid automation have become critical for CSPs to gain competitiveness and to secure a better operational and commercial position.
  • INNOVATE - ACCELERATE REVENUES through rapid launch of innovative digital services. CSPs will have to enter new business models offering network infrastructure to business enablement to consumer centric digital services to improve their margins and expect growth in the next decade.
  • ENHANCE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE across new age digital services will become the primary measure of success for all transformation initiatives.

TCTS Speakers

Anand Dandekar
TCTS Global Head - Next Generation Networks Practice

SDN/NFV: The Cornerstone of Success for The Future Telco
May 22, 2019, 15:40

Tata Communications Transformation Services (TCTS) invites industry leaders to discuss digital transformation roadmaps for building THE FUTURE TELCO – AN INTELLIGENT CONNECTIVITY HUB at Network Virtualization & SDN Europe to be held at Hotel Palace, Berlin, 21-23 May 2019.

Meet our experts and discuss CSP transformation priorities, to build smarter, faster, efficient and virtualized communication networks.

Service Provider Digital Transformation Roadmaps

CSPs can plan their transformation journey by using a framework that can help de-risk their transformation journeys. This paper guides CSPs on what needs to change, and how they can implement change.