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Telecom Operators TM Forum Event

Should telecom operators become professional services firms and systems integrators?

In the last decade, professional services and systems integration in telecom companies has seen a sharp increase. This can be attributed to telecoms' unique expertise and access to their customers which can be leveraged to offering new solutions, expanding the services they offer with time. Moreover, 5G along with OTT services among others have completely transformed the technology landscape for the telecom service provider who now requires skill sets beyond the traditional telco.

But delivering professional services and systems integration services is not the same as delivering services of voice and data. They need to go through a shift at the base, starting with their business model. And as Communications Service Providers (CSPs) refine their strategies across horizontal and vertical markets, might there not be an opportunity to build specialised SI skills?

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In this live industry debate, we will explore and discuss how critical is system integration (SI) capability for telecom operators and how should they de-risk and accelerate this unique journey.

  • Where are telecom operators providing professional services today?
  • What is the relationship between telecom operators and SIs when it comes to providing services to enterprises?
  • Is SI profitable for telecom operators today?
  • Do telecom operators have the right SI skills?
  • What will SI look like in the future provision of edge / IoT services?
  • The future of services and SI section with the provision of edge / IoT services
  • The emergence of new opportunities and 5G private networks

Date: 6th July 2021
Time: 18:30 (IST)

Featured Speaker:
TCTS Speaker

TV Chalapathi Rao

Chief Operating Officer,
Tata Communications Transformation Services

Chalapathi is a senior business leader with 30+ years of experience who has founded TCTS and has been instrumental in achieving TCTS’s vision of being a leading transformation partner of choice for CSP’s through strategic business operations, expansion and driving group synergies.

His three decades of experience spans across technical, operations, projects, and sales roles in the telecommunications industry. He led networks and equipment planning in Tata Communications and joined IComm as CTO afterwards. Chala headed Networks Planning division for BPL Mobile (one of the first GSM Networks in India), after which he joined Lucent Technologies for designing and deploying Basic Services, GSM and CDMA Network in multiple states across India.


System Integration- A must have capability for Telecom Service Providers focused on digital transformation?

Latest technological advancements like cloudification, virtualization and software based approach, among many others, have completely transformed the landscape for telecom service providers.

The lines between system integrators and telecom service providers are quickly blurring as system integrators expand their scope to offer high availability services that were so far possible only through a telecom operator. Systems integrators have taken advantage of the rapid transformations and new-age technologies to gain a foothold in the global telecom service marketplace.

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