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Owing to dynamic market changes, managed tools or services will gain currency in near future. As operators prefer end-to-end solutions, instead of dedicated vendor / OEM software, it is predicted that the demand for managed tools / services from operators will only rise.

Today operators face multitude of challenges that include:
  • Inability to exploit existing OSS system to the fullest
  • Gaps in OSS portfolio
  • Overlapping and staggered systems
  • Unavailability of end-to-end unified view

TCTS being vendor agnostic has gone through several cycles of changes itself; therefore it is best suited for the changing operator priorities.

TCTS can play a major role in these changing operator requirements by providing holistic solutions such as:
  • Identify gaps in existing OSS portfolio with respect to functional coverage
  • Identify opportunities for existing OSS exploitation
  • Create "as-is" OSS picture vis-à-vis "future" proactive OSS
  • Create strategy & road map to achieve target architecture
  • Implement road map phase-wise and then operate to its full capacity

Market Forces

Operators are under huge pressure to optimise cost, build efficiencies in their operations and propel growth. They are prioritising how quickly they can scale network capacity, efficiently managing costs, right infrastructure and finally "standing out among the competition."

Telecom is a fiercely competitive domain, and operators need to do the same things but differently and proactively. Most of the operators today do not have the proper OSS implemented as per the TMForum Application Frameworx, or they are just unable to exploit existing OSS.

The problem will intensify with many operators going for mergers and acquisitions - which brings with them their own new set of systems and tools. Most CSPs do not rely on a single supplier as supplier diversification has become a mandatory phenomenon because of changing technology and cost benefits. Joint ventures are another area where these operators want to leverage each other’s strengths quickly, and OSS systems become a challenge.

With inadequate OSS, things are going to be worse with respect to services to the end customer. So the survival of operators becomes a big question. The basic firmware over which the CSP depends is tools and systems and it is important for them to adapt to such changes quickly.

Key Service Offerings

CSPs need systems and tools which can adapt quickly to the changing market scenarios. These tools should be able to scale quickly, and if possible, to the near-real time features. Scalability is another important requirement - both horizontally and vertically.

Today's OSS should be modular and reusable, which will help in deploying quickly for changed networks. CSPs need business orientation, while deciding for network facing solutions. Adapting quickly to changing business requirements is key for success.

Dedicated OEM based solutions might not be the best solution in today's changing scenarios. These solutions will become obsolete sooner than we can think, due to changing technology, availability of cost effective solutions as more and more mergers happen.

The solution lies in developing an ecosystem based on standard protocols, instead of dedicated OEM specific solutions.

Focused on a specific set of technology, OEM solutions work well with the intended network elements. However, such solutions are major bottleneck when it comes to scalability and multivendor support.

Product vendors may offer vendor agnostic solution, but issues continue to persist during implementation of solution.

TCTS offers OEM agnostic solutions blended with proven professional services which will help quick adaptability and above all a complete eco-system for the OSS - be it a greenfield implementation, integration requirements due to mergers and accusation or a quick cost-effective solution for a joint venture.

TCTS has proven success stories with inherent telecom expertise, best in class professional services and transformation experience of multiple years. TCTS not only provides a right set of tools, but also helps customers in identifying gaps, best fit tool, implementation and integration and then operation of these systems for years to come.

Our solutions are well tested for our parent company Tata Communications Limited, which is the only Tier 1 IP service provider across 5 continents. We have proven success and "working models" for several years.

Our OSS solution encompasses:


  • Tried & tested solution, holistic solution, first time right implementation, vendor & technology agnostic
  • Inherent telecom expertise - TCTS is 100% subsidiary of Tata Communications Ltd, only Tier 1 IP service provider across all 5 continent and Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant continuously for 3 years
  • Long journey transformation - TCTS has a long journey of transforming fulfillment, service assurance, sales enablement in a multivendor and multi-technology environment
  • E2E managed solution - TCTS takes ownership for end-to-end solution encompassing business analysis, user management, application deployment, etc.

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