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While CSPs can transform their operations in many ways to make themselves more efficient and agile but the most ambitious programs involve a strong element of centralisation. Examples range from centralisation of Network Operations Centres (NOCs), adopting common tools, standardisation, simplification and automation of processes.

Adoption of NFV and SDN demands transformation of NetOps Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networks (SDN) significantly transforms and advances the state of mobile and data networks by moving away from legacy infrastructure into a more agile and flexible virtualized architecture, which empowers the creation and launch of new services and applications in a matter of hours and days instead of months with traditional hardware-based products.

With an eye on agile network clouds and enabling CSPs to cost effectively deliver, CSPs are exploring virtualization as solution. In future these virtualizations will increase and dedicated hardware could be history.

CSPs want to take advantage of IT related cloud expertise into network virtulisation, which will take them to next step of quicker service deployments, cost savings and flexibility to select right solution (and not right vendor).

Market Forces

Since the technology is evolving, CSPs face the following challenges:

  • The Legacy and NFV networks will co-exist for next few years, and operators need to focus on NFV, while not neglecting legacy, where their existing customer rides
  • Migration to new NFV network is another challenge, as this involves huge planning, testing and co-ordination with customers
  • Since this is new technology, CSPs are expected to invest huge resources in POC, testing, use cases and field prototype creation

Adoption of NFV and SDN would in itself be a critical component of transformation which CSPs will have to manage in the near future. Also, these new technologies bring with them new challenges for NetOps, specifically with hybrid networks co-existing for next few years. This will have significant implications on the NetOps organisation to modify the service delivery process, to redesign the NOC/ SOC organisations, to retrain resources and implement changes to the tools. This will involve transformational changes to the NetOps spanning across people, processes and technology.

CSPs must take advantage of new emerging technologies such as NFV and SDN. Virtualization of physical network elements are giving organisations, advantage of cost, scalability, innovation and quick deployment. But these promising virtualization technologies brings with them challenges also, specifically when the organisation is having partial network on virtualized platforms, and a part of legacy network still having physical elements. Such a hybrid network requires specific attention and skills to manage network operations.

Key Service Offerings

Today CSPs need systems and tools which can adapt quickly to the changing market scenarios. These tools should be able to scale quickly, and if possible, to the near-real time features.

TCTS provides following solution along within the partner ecosystem

  • Complete lab testing solutions
  • Developing prototype
  • Working with NFV vendors of CSP choice in POC, testing and use-cases, comparison of results and selecting best
  • Migration and field roll-out managed services
  • Legacy network managed services, so that CSP can focus on NFV roll-out

TCTS can support CSPs in implementing advanced solutions like NFV, SDN while managing the legacy network operations. TCTS focuses on achieving these goals by providing hybrid network managed services, where CSPs continue to use legacy physical network, while they migrate to virtualized NFV network.

TCTS understands and has vast experience of taking this technical support from OEM and provide a mix of offsite/ onsite delivery model enabling operators to significantly reduce the Opex. TCTS Centre of Excellence (CoE) provides high level of technical support across wireline and wireless technology with multi vendors, multi technology expertise. We have wireless COE for RF as well for remote tasks execution on wireless planning and optimisation.

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