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Building The Future Telco – Journey of building more competitive smarter, faster and more efficient communication networks

Oct 22, 2019

This journey will traverse a path of SIMPLIFY | AUTOMATE | INNOVATE to transform operations, driving efficiencies and generating new revenue


May 25, 2019

TCTS Head of NGN Practice, Anand Dandekar’s categorical view points on how TCTS helps CSPs build smart future networks

TCTS VP & Head - Sales & Business Development - EMEA, Ramyang Pandya, interviewed by TM Forum

May 25, 2019

Ramyang elaborates how TCTS accelerates and de-risks CSPs' journey to becoming Digital Services Provider

Telco transformation priorities for 5G and IoT

Jun 20, 2017

Telco transformation has become an overwhelming concern for communications service providers (CSPs).

Sponsored interview with Vaibhav Dongre, Global Head of Marketing, TCTS

Jun 13, 2017

TCTS''s Global Head of Marketing discusses the importance of digital transformation for

SIGN UP for a Telco Transformation Workshop to de-risk your transformation program

Apr 13, 2017

We are in the middle of a digital revolution! Disruption, Innovation, Technology adoption are all happening simultaneously. Digital transformation is no more a choice… But Transformation is a complex and non-linear set o

HPE to work with Tata Communications to build world's largest IoT network in India

Feb 28, 2017

Mysore Madhusudhan, Chairman & Managing Director, Tata Communications Transformation Services Ltd The HPE Universal IoT Platform will enable Tata Communications' IoT network to serve more than 2,000 communities

TCTS 10th Anniversary: TCTS Chairman engages in a fireside chat with Shama Hyder, CEO Marketing Zen

Jan 13, 2017

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of TCTS, Madhusudhan Mysore, Chairman and Managing Director of TCTS sits down with Shama Hyder, CEO of The Marketing Zen Group to discuss how the group has transformed over the last 10 years.

The importance of the CTO

Dec 7, 2015

New for this year at the World Communication Awards was the CTO of the Year category. Mysore Madhusudhan, Chief of Operations at Tata Communications spoke to Total Telecom about why this was so important. Matthew Finnie of Interoute was the first recipient of the award at the WCA later in the day.

Meet the CTO of the Year - World Communication Awards, 2015

Tata Communications Transformation Services introduced a new category "CTO of the Year" at the prestigious World Communication Awards in 2015. The World Communication Awards are synonymous with innovation, merit and outstanding performance in the telecom industry.

We are proud to have a lot of fast growing companies as our customers. Watch to find out why they are deciding to work with TCTS, and what the next 10 years will look like?

TCTS 10th Anniversary: TCTS Chairman engages in a fireside chat with CEO, Marketing Zen
(Part 5)

Building the Future Telco, MWC Americas 2018

Nov 12, 2018

(TCTS), Boingo, Cisco, GSMA and Parallel Wireless analyse the challenges ahead for operators and how innovative new technology is paving the way for growth.

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