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Enhance 4G network architecture to unlock core capabilities


As connectivity needs evolve, so does the architecture to support it. And this is especially true for core network architecture. In the 5G era, core networks are transitioning from monolithic to service-based architectures, which are inherently hybrid. As enterprises consolidate and transition to service-based architecture, they should consider the capacity needs that this shift entails, the best transition paths, public or private clouds for cost optimization, and consolidation of inventories and structures.

Tata Communications Transformation Services (TCTS)’s 4G/5G core planning and deployment services address your 4G/5G core demands while cost-effectively enabling the transition from your existing core networks. Our Telco expertise in advanced core network architecture helps you with uninterrupted and fast network deployment and smooth evolution to 5G.


With EPC/5GC deployment, acceptance, support for open-source monitoring tools such as Grafana and Prometheus, and migration planning (HLD & LLD documentation), TCTS brings in next-generation 4G/5G core planning and deployment solutions with complete life-cycle management for private Edge EPC/5GC, enabling optimum connectivity and network reliability.


Map existing network elements, assess performance, and accurately plan for the most efficient and reliable network capacity expansion

  • EPC/5GC deployment, acceptance, and migration plan
  • Installation and commissioning, VNF onboarding, configuration, integration, and validation
  • Containerized workload planning for 5G core network functions


Ensure agile and cost-effective 5G core network with flexible and multi-deployment models, enhancing enterprise efficiency and productivity

  • Migration and capacity upgradation
  • Core function switchover test
  • Assessment of core network for the demands of a new solution, minimizing risk, and optimizing it
  • Setting up security design through measures such as continuous testing, authentication safeguards, and adherence practices
  • Service Assurance Strategy (KPI/KQI) through Performance Management, QoS (Quality of service) management, and customer experience management


Why choose us?

Multi-vendor agnostic approach

Cloud-native core deployment and certified resources

Solution support for both mixed VNF/CNF Telco Loads

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September 24, 2021

While the end-users are excited about the new, divese services and the flexibility that 5G will offer, the CSPs...

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