Building Smart Africa

The African communications industry is on the cusp of a perfect storm where newer technologies are poised to building Africa into a SMART continent. The future of the continent, glorious as it appears, can be realised through a robust ICT infrastructure providing high speed, secure and seamless connectivity across the continent and moving 53 national markets into a single one – The One Africa Network.

Tata Group has had a long standing association with the growth and economic development in the continent. Building on the momentum of Smart Africa vision Tata Communications Transformation Services (TCTS) is well poised to transform Africa into A Single Digital Market.

Tata Communications Transformation Services (TCTS) has recently unveiled the SMART AFRICA vision bringing together the global fibre operations and FTTx expertise to build fibre infrastructure backbone across Africa.

The first step towards becoming a SMART Africa is transforming the network and communications. Telco transformation is a complex and non-linear set of requirements across business functions. Using a framework can de-risk African Communication Service Providers' transformation journey.

The framework will help African CSPs make informed decisions in charting their transformation imperatives. This framework, jointly developed with Ovum Consulting, will illustrate transformation road-maps for six broad categories of Communication Service Providers (CSPs) globally to help them prioritise and align their transformation initiatives in the network, IT, and data center layer with the necessary platform and process changes higher up the stack.

Engage with TCTS experts to deep dive into the Telco Transformation imperatives and get actionable insights into transforming operations, driving efficiencies, accelerating revenues and enhancing customer experience.


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