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In our thoughts and actions we continuously ensure that we are Ambitious, Collaborative and Transformative. This focus is animated by five basic principles; encapsulated in a one-word philosophy – DRIVE.

Daring || Responsive || Inclusivity || Venturing || Ethical

Inclusivity lies as the bedrock of the culture. We fundamentally believe that our success as a company depends on mutual respect and support – the strengths that underpin true diversity and inclusion. Diversity is something that we will not just tolerate, but something which we will seek out and harmonise to improve the coherent strength of the business as we strive to create an inclusive culture for all.

What is the vision?

To create a high performing organization through a diverse and inclusive culture, by promoting diversity at each strategic level, enabling the organization to create richer solutions, obtain better results and maximize productivity, innovation and creativity.

Our D&I Culture

With D&I we promote diversity of thoughts and creating a sustainable competitive environment. At TCTS, we recognise the fact that our employees are a harbinger of change. We ensure employees at all strategic levels are given the right support through various initiatives, enabling them to scale new heights!


Best Workplace Diversity Award - 2019

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