Empowering Excellence: Where Automation Drives Possibilities

Powering Up Networks of the Future

  • Automated Automated

    Processes for efficient operations

  • Automated Integrated

    Platform across multi-tech, multi-vendor ecosystem

  • Automated Cognitive

    Solutions for Intelligent Networks

Driving Success: Elevating your Competitive Edge

Ecosystem of innovative pre-built solutions for accelerating digital transformation and data driven enterprise

  • Business Aligned Networks
  • Opex Reduction with Intelligent OPs
  • Differentiated Business Models
  • AI/ML and Automation First – Concept of Zero
  • Agility | Experience (SLA->xLA)

Enabling Networks with Cognitive Intelligence and Seamless Integration

  • Cognitive & AI/ML Network Services Cognitive & AI/ML Network Services
  • Purpose Fit & Configurable Purpose Fit & Configurable
  • Easy to Integrate Easy to Integrate
  • Strong Partner Ecosystem Strong Partner Ecosystem
  • Cloud Native, SDN & NFV Enabled Cloud Native, SDN & NFV Enabled

Understanding Platforms & Automation to Accelerating Digital Transformation

AI/ML and Automation across  plan, design, build, rollout, operate & optimize phases.

  • Cognitive NOC

    AI/ML Driven Single Pane of Digital Experience

    • AIOps (Multi-Domain & Multi-Tech)
    • Predictive Maintenance
    • Zero Touch Operations
  • Enterprise Infrastructure Transformation

    Integrated Digital Infrastructure Management for your Enterprise Customers

    • Efficient Network Management
    • Intelligent Reporting
    • Automated Services Assurance
  • Fiber Care

    AI & Analytics Enabled Intelligent Fiber Management

    • Unified Workforce Management
    • Preventive Maintenance
    • Cloud Native with Real-Time Monitoring and Mobile App
  • Intelligent Automation Hub

    Accelerate Automation and Innovation.

    • NetDevOps Compliant
    • Zero Touch Deployment, Provisioning & Operations
    • 350+ Out of Box Automation Use Cases and Libraries
    • Lab Automation as a Service
  • Digital Design, Build and Rollout Factory

    Delivering Designs for The Future with Seamless Build and Rollout

    • First Time Right Future Proof Designs
    • 360o Visibility from Fiber Design to Rollout
    • Cloud Native with 50+ Out of The Box Network GIS Overlays
    • One Touch BoQ Generator
  • Wireless Factory

    Automated Wireless Network Lifecycle Management Platform

    • Efficient Site Integration with Targeted Automation
    • Data Platform-Driven Deployment
    • Automated Cloud Native Optimization
    • Insights-Driven Optimised Planning
    • Neo Automata™
    • Suite

Unlocking Business Benefits

Single Pane of Digital Experience

Unified NMS & inventory, 360 workflow for improved control

2X Faster Cycle Time

Design to rollout automation, 40+ libraries, Zero touch BoQ

>40% Operations Efficiency

Machine resolution, zero L1, improved MTTR, field efficiency

First Time Right

90% designs first time right, minimal manual intervention

Speed to Lead

OOB 300+ automation test cases, 30+ network overlays


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