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Telecom analysts predict that networks will go through extensive changes between now and 2025. The days of big iron boxes, proprietary solutions with vendor lock-in, disparate network and customer management tools are waning off. The networks of tomorrow will have more openness, software, speed and flexibility. What this means for operators is that they must reshape and remodel their networks to stay competitive in the new digital world.

The rising tsunami of big data, video and cloud computing is forcing communication service providers to make networks efficient and faster. By 2025, 5G will be deployed in many markets. Once 5G demand gets an upswing, LTE will remain a very important part of the wireless ecosystem, but by 2025 major LTE innovations will have slowed as 5G takes prominence. According to Ovum reports, older 2G and 3G systems will be in rapid decline and will have disappeared from some markets by 2025.

TCTS provides leading business transformation services to telecommunication and media service providers globally. The network and service offering focuses on delivering solutions to service providers at all stages of the business lifecycle including network engineering and design, delivery and assurance functions.

We offer the following services in the space -
  • Field Operations
  • Network Operations
  • Submarine Network Operations
  • Network Design
  • Network Rollout
  • UCC
  • Lab as a Service (LaaS)

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