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Subsea cable system operators today face a multitude of processes, organizational and technological issues as their networks expand and product portfolios grow. Operational difficulties from both, absorbing organic growth and the integration burden of renewed mergers and acquisitions in the sector, are compounded as operators deal with heightened competition from both legacy and new service and content providers. In order to meet these new challenges effectively, operators need to institute fundamental change across their businesses. Change is required in five key areas:
  • Developing strategic partnerships around technology
  • Integration of multiple domains such as IT, the network and customer relationship management
  • Establishment of business processes that are more end-user centric
  • Optimization of capital and asset management
  • Adaptation of the operator organization to become more agile

TCTS boasts of expertise and competency in managing operations of network administrator, restoration operations, maintenance operations & backup NOC for many consortium telcos for more than 6 years. TCTS subsea managed network operations solution consists of assuming overall operational responsibility or a subset of submarine cable system network. The solution covers centralized functions such as the Network Operation Center (NOC), field operation activities, engineering services, corrective and preventive maintenance, network & site maintenance and inventory management. It includes operational set up and readiness processes that may be provided in the framework of turnkey implementation or technology migration projects.
The objective of this solution is to provide cost effective network administration, network operations, network maintenance operations, restoration operations & trainings through the application of state-of–the-art operation processes and tools.

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TCTS Submarine Network Operations Portfolio
  • Submarine Network Operations

Submarine Network Operations


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