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Network security Services


With businesses and consumers becoming more digital savvy, there is a growing need for defending critical infrastructure from cyber attacks and cyber espionage. As a result, businesses are investing in core safeguards to defend their ecosystems against any threats from any corner of the globe.

In view of this, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) have a role to play in protecting the data privacy and security of their customers. According to PwC Global State of Information Security Survey 2015, telecoms reported a 45% rise in detected information security incidents over the last few years.

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Market Forces

While CSPs are upping their ante on the network integration and rollout plans, they need to ensure that the networks are secured alongside by operationalizing or outsourcing routine security functions.

IoT, IPv6, IP based 4G / LTE
Reliance on IP based infrastructure
Amalgamation of new & legacy technologies
Legal and Regulatory requirements
Attack services & exploit kits arise for mobile (and other) platforms
Major flaws in widely-used software that had escaped from the security industry over the past 15 years
New types of threats appear constantly & Cyber attackers will continue to find ways
Business function don't have enough budget or talent,which is scarce globally.


Key Service Offerings

TCTS is a trusted partner for CSPs around the world, helping them to cost-effectively improve their information security processes, meet security best practices and achieve regulatory compliance. Our solution offerings are broadly divided into three categories:

TCTS Security Offerings

Relationship with TCTS gives you access to technology, deep process and security standards knowledge, skills, insights and capabilities.


TCTS's vision is to address key security concern- from conception, deployment, operations to decommission by providing a strong proposition that meets the security needs of the telecoms market..

Completeness of offering

Capabilities that cover the gamut of end-to-end security operations across the IT/Telecommunication landscape

Technical capability

Dedicated security research lab centers, where it can demonstrate solutions developed with partnerse

Engagement model

Variety of engagement models from consumption models to multiyear transformational projects

Process and execution

Security integration frameworks that provide customer's transition from its current-state maturity level to its future desired state

Service delivery

Range of service delivery models, including on premise SOC, staff augmentation, offshore monitoring and management, design-build-operate models.

Customer Engagement


To Migrate the Network Security Infrastructure from traditional port-based firewall to Next Generation Firewall

To provide consultation in safely enabling the service profiles features such as App-ID, User-ID & Content-ID

Business Drivers

Prevent known and unknown threats within allowed applications

Enable the new technologies such as social media, mobility, collaboration, cloud, VOIP, etc.

Visibility and control based on outdated assumptions

Key Solutions Highlights
  • Audit and analyze current 3rd party firewall vendor configuration.
  • Solution vetting for proposed network security architecture
  • Migration of configuration to convert 3rd party port-based rules into NextGen Security
  • Conversion of port-based rules into NextGen Networks App-ID rule
  • Post conversion audit, reporting, and best practices.
Benefits Delivered
  • Review of legacy vendor configuration.
  • Architecture discussion and design
  • Manual and automated Migration of configuration to NextGen Networks
  • Fine tuning and optimisation with next generation features


Consultancy in designing and implementation of Data Center infrastructure consolidation

Technology Gap Analysis & Strategic Approach

Design architecture for network, IT Security, Business Continuity and Operations

Business Drivers

New developments driving additional demands on infrastructure

Complex, heterogeneous infrastructure driving cost, efficiency, agilit

Silo'd applications, départements, information don't collaborate

Too many applications, Underutilized servers & escalating power and cooling costs

Need to ensure business continuity, security compliance

Key Solutions Highlights
  • Strategy definition: Operating Model, High level Implementation Plan Capacity Planning for Current & Future Growth
  • Detailed Scoping & Solution
  • Solution Architecture Design
  • End to End Design, Architecture & Recommendation
Benefits Delivered
  • Strategy: Our strategy covered the entire gamut of things including planning, feasibility, due diligence, business continuity, etc.
  • Architect: Our design elements included solution development, support in RFD and contractor election
  • Build: The implementation part had all the aspects of project management, DC process design, service readiness testing, etc.
  • Manage: Managing the entire process was the key component that covered on-boarding, monitoring, NOC, decommission, SoPs/LWIs, etc.

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