The smart future is being built by seamlessly integrating objects, systems, and people, i.e., the Internet of Things (IoT). Interconnected devices with real-time communication and analysis capabilities have become integral to business outcomes. Implementing networks that unleash the full potential of IoT requires an IoT managed service partner with proven experience and technology expertise.

TCTS is one of the largest orchestrators for IoT, and E2E IoT managed services. As a one-stop shop, we provide a comprehensive suite of services across the IoT ecosystem. We help you deliver innovative and smart industrial IoT solutions, smart city solutions and enterprises solutions cost-effectively and at scale.

Our Impact


Managing the Largest LoRaWAN Deployment in the World

Smart City Solutions

End-To-End Hassle-Free Delivery of Smart City Solutions

IoT Devices Under Management

Offering Component

IoT Professional Services

Consult, plan, and design comprehensive IoT solutions. Engage the right partner and platform ecosystem to deliver innovative use cases across verticals.

IoT Network Managed Services

Build and manage business-aligned IoT networks. Deliver comprehensive service assurance of the overall IoT ecosystem enabling high reliability, scalability, and security.

Smart City Solutions

Deliver AI/ML driven smart solutions across diverse use cases (e.g., smart streetlights, smart utilities, smart waste management).


10+ years of managed service experience
Strategic partner ecosystem for end-to-end services
Proven IoT deployment expertise for global carriers and their enterprise customers
Multi-vendor and vendor-agnostic deployment expertise
Automated-flow and software-based solutions
Expertise in customizing and integrating with existing infrastructure

Business Benefits

Enhance Decision-Making

Make the right business decisions with real-time data and insights across systems, processes, and devices.

Enable Innovation

Leverage the power of connected devices to create new and differentiated products, services, and revenue streams.

Save Costs

Lower your Opex with data-based optimization of resources, predictive maintenance, and accurate system monitoring.

Deliver Personalized Experiences

Deliver personalized services with deeper customer insights by leveraging data collected from connected devices.