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Service fulfilment is a vital and in-focus function for any service provider. It directly interacts with the customer and ensures business revenue. The efficient processes are simplified and automated to achieve enhanced customer satisfaction and lower churn.

Our Service Fulfillment Solutions comprise:
  • Auto Assign & Design
  • Auto Configuration Engine

Key Service Offerings

Auto Assign & Design

Auto Assign & Design’ engine is the critical component of OSS, which works on Top of Inventory Management System and is a milestonetowards achieving Zero Touch Provisioning.

'Auto Assign & Design'engine is a highly successful homegrown solution capable of allocating network resources and creating end-to-endcircuit design/circuit layout record in network inventory. The engine is capable of handling multiple scenarios relating to multiple connectivity solution.

TCTS with an experience of successfully implementing and using 'Auto Assign & Design' solution offers the following services
  • Identify & finalize scenarios for 'Auto Assign & Design'
  • Create business rules for 'Auto Assign & Design'
  • Implement 'Auto Assign & Design Engine'
  • Rollout to users in planned manner

Case in Point

TCTS has implemented 'Auto Assign & Design' solution for a large B2B telecom operator in India with the following outcomes:
  • 60% successful circuit design for all new and change orders
  • 90% success on termination orders
  • Productivity enhancement by 400%
  • 16- 20 last mile scenarios supported
  • 10+ vendor families supported

Auto Configuration Engine

Auto Configuration engine works in tandem with Auto Assign & Design Engine to complete Zero Touch Provisioning.

ACE is used for both L1 and L2/L3 Service activation. It supports multi-vendor, multi-technology and multi-product provisioning. Data validation and pre-checks are done to avoid wrong configuration. Configuration templates are selected based on services and features offered to customer. Apart from configuration and activation, it supports L1 testing as well.
  • Identify & finalize scenarios'
  • Create Complete Architecture & Design for ACE
  • Implement Auto Configuration Engine & Rollout to users in Planned manner
  • Work with operator to Improve First Time Right Configuration

Case in Point

TCTS has implemented ACE successfully for a large B2B telecom operator in India with the following outcomes:
  • 70% First Time Right configurations
  • 42% productivity enhancement
  • 16- 20 last mile scenarios
  • 10+ vendor families supported


  • Tried and tested solution
  • Transformation solution
  • Rich pool of experience resources

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