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As the world’s second-fastest growing economy and home to more than a billion people, Africa has been showing tremendous economic prowess. The continent is rapidly moving onto an information economy, spurred by the continuing focus on creating a Single Digital Market in Africa. Born of this impetus, the Smart Africa initiative is geared towards transforming the continent into a knowledge economy thereby driving global competitiveness and job creation

Collaborating for a digital revolution

Through its close involvement with the Smart Africa Alliance, Tata Communications Transformation Services (TCTS) is building the next-generation communications infrastructure in Africa, which will transform the continent into an integrated Single Digital Market. A global leader in transformative business operations and managed network services, TCTS intends to utilise the best of smart technologies to promote the Smart Africa agenda and facilitate Africa’s rapid transition to a powerful digital economy. The TCTS commitment to building a single digital market in Africa goes well beyond the infrastructure to building the capacity and capability to enable innovation and empower the youth in Africa. In this regard, we are pleased to Welcome Sophia the Robot Humanoid as one of the key speakers of the summit.

Key milestones: The First Interconnectivity Report

Earlier this year, TCTS joined the Smart Africa Alliance and the Republic of Guinea in unveiling The First Interconnectivity Report dedicated to Africa. The report reviewed the digital infrastructure requirements of Africa and proposed building next-generation, future-ready infrastructure – a Digital Super Information Gateway – that facilitates connectivity, e-governance and performance within Africa. Download your copy today!

TCTS at Transform Africa Summit: Putting Africa on the map

The Transform Africa Summit is the flagship event of the Smart Africa Alliance, a consortium of 24 African countries driving the Smart Africa manifesto – to transform Africa digitally, accelerate socioeconomic development, and usher an era of definitive digital revolution across the continent.

At this year’s summit, TCTS, in close collaboration with X (Formerly Google X), Africa Digital Solutions (ADS) & Smart Africa Secretariat, will conduct a workshop to explore the avenues for Building a Single Digital Market for Africa. We will share our vast global experience in:
• Facilitating digital transformation through next-generation technologies
• Reducing the digital divide by accelerating access to affordable and abundant internet

Our focus technology areas include:

Free Space Optical Communication (FSOC)

Building smart city and IoT networks

Delivering e-health solutions through virtual clinics

Bringing connectivity to the unconnected through subsea networks

Delivering safety through cybersecurity response centres

TCTS Speakers

Madhusudhan Mysore
Executive Chairman & CEO, TCTS.

Keynote address:
May 15, 2019 from 10:30-12:00 at Auditorium.

Umasree Kotamraju

Panel discussion: “Gender Diversity in the digital workplace”
May 16, 2019, 13:00-14:30 at Smart Women Hub/ MH4

Harkirit Singh
Business Head – Africa, TCTS.

Panel Discussion: “Intra Africa backbone Connectivity – an enabler to OAN”
May 16, 2019, 10:30-12:00 at Auditorium

Eric Torres
Global Head – Business Operations and Solutions Engineering

Panel Discussion: "Strategies for African Smart Cities"
May 15, 2019 from 14:00-15:30 at AD10

DATE 14th - 17th MAY 2019
VENUE Kigali, Rwanda

Join us in welcoming Sophia the Humanoid Robot as one of the key speakers of the summit.
-Sophia’s appearance at this year’s summit is sponsored by TCTS.

Meet TCTS telco transformation experts at Transform Africa Summit 2019

We invite ministers, public officials and other dignitaries from the telecom sector to join us at the summit and discuss the digital roadmap and transformation priorities for building a Digital Super Information Gateway in Africa, transforming the continent into an intelligent connectivity hub, at the cusp of a perfect storm called Digital Revolution.

Meet our experts and discuss actionable insights into transforming operations, driving efficiencies, accelerating revenues and enhancing customer experience.