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Tackling the cloud of suspicion

Published on: February 27, 2019 |  Author : Vineet Anshuman


Tackling the cloud of suspicion


A look at the TCTS SECaaS offering, which addresses security issues across public clouds, private data centers and an interconnected ecosystems


80%. That’s the percentage of enterprises moving their data centers off-premises by 2025 – according to a recent forecast report by Gartner. With the number of IoT devices predicted at 64 billion by the same year, that’s a lot of data making the rounds in the public domain.

Meanwhile – even as enterprise infrastructure grows more sleek and sophisticated – it is becoming painfully obvious that conventional security models are falling short of expectations when it comes to keeping data private and secure on the cyberspace. The girth of this pitfall is wide enough to make the industry sit up and take notice. The global average cost of a data breach is now $3.86 million, up 6.4% from last year.1Defense from security breach is becoming a laborious exercise, both due to the increasing complexity of malignant attacks as well as the regulatory compliances in each country.

How then is the CIO of the future expected to protect the privacy of not just his company operations, but valuable customer information as well?

TCTS Security as a Service

First things first. In-house infrastructure investments are a thing of the past. With public cloud infrastructure posing tremendous advantages in terms of CAPEX and OPEX, the move to a shared or managed public infrastructure environment is inevitable.

In this context, communication and managed service providers can benefit from adopting the SECaaS model, especially when considering the drawbacks of in-house security management. TCTS’ home-grown SECaaS offering is an innovative take on an in-depth defense strategy, apropos cybersecurity. The solution sits atop SDN and NFV technologies, uses VNFs, and protects the network against external threats, attacks and loss of data. It was built to coexist with TCTS’ own innovative Virtual Cloud Exchange (VCX) – an offering that communication service providers use to connect seamlessly with major public cloud providers. Read more about VCX here.

NFV-enabled environments such as Universal Customer Premises Equipment (uCPE), NFV Infrastructures (NFVI), public cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and emerging multi-access edge VNFs can utilise the promise of data safety and security offered by TCTS SECaaS. Users can manage VNFs across environments through a zero-touch automation portal. Even if a communication or managed service provider has little or no SDN/NFV environment, they can avail the synergistic SDN/NFV solution offering, which can in turn facilitate TCTS’ SECaaS services.

Get the best of both worlds

 SECaaS is the industry’s response to the startling number of security incidents on the cyberspace. With nearly 54% of companies reportedly having experienced an industrial control system security incident, and 61% of organisations having experienced an IoT security incident, {from the brochure - please provide source} the move to SECaaS is in good judgement. With TCTS’ award-winning, next-generation consulting, deployment and operational services, CIOs can rest assured of the confidentiality of their data while continuing to leverage the CAPEX and OPEX advantages posed by public infrastructure.

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