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Internet of Things (IoT)

Industry analysts at Gartner predict that the number of intelligent devices or end points communicating among themselves will increase to 20.4 billion by 2020. The rise in demand for faster, always connected, cheaper, on-demand, web-scale digital services, anytime, anywhere has driven the need to launch new digital services for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) in order to accelerate revenue opportunities. This network of connected things intelligently talking to each other while creating a web of communication points is referred as the Internet of Things (IoT).

The CSP Imperatives

The digitization of machines, automotive, farms, homes, utilities, industrial units, and even human bodies has opened opportunity for CSPs to concentrate on paid-for endpoints, applications and connected service revenues. Therefore, it is important for CSPs to engage with a partner who:

  • Is an end-to-end orchestrator that can enable them deliver IoT services efficiently across end modules, network, platforms and applications
  • Understands local price points and their business needs to build a strong and reliable ecosystem of devices/ modules/ sensors
  • Is agile to managed hybrid network deployment across technologies
  • Is capable to manage and generate strong analytics leveraging voluminous amount of data generated every minute and providing actionable inputs to monetize

CSP’s already have heavily invested in backend systems/platforms and the need is to integrate between multiple interfaces of CSP platforms with end user interfaces.

How we can help

Tata Communications Transformation Services (TCTS), with its decade long experience in telecom managed services, is enabling World’s largest IoT network on LoRA in India. TCTS understands the complexity in deploying IoT, which involves - identifying right components from different suppliers, experience in handling hybrid network environments (Sigfox, NB-IoT, Cellular networks, and Wi-Fi, etc.) and the requirement of robust, proven integration capabilities.

TCTS is a one-stop shop for CSPs and emerging IoT Players, as an end-to-end IoT orchestrator covering all elements in the IoT value chain, which allows to cater to specific requirements of CSPs across global markets. Our strong Telco heritage provides us complete insight on CSP pain points and an edge cross-geographies to identify price sensitivities, provide customized/optimized solution, with flexible commercial models including, revenue sharing or pay as you go.

TCTS IoT Service Offerings

TCTS IoT Service Offerings

What makes TCTS Unique?

  • Sensors - We help in identifying the right hardware specific to the identified use-case and also factor in the price sensitivities that exist linked to the market. We also have experience in designing and thereafter manufacturing modules from scratch to be able to cater to niche requirements
  • Networks – We help CSPs navigate through the complex maze of evolving technologies from LPWAN to Cellular IoT technologies. We also understand the advent of Hybrid IoT Networks and our domain knowledge of all these technologies offer valuable input to CSPs
  • Analytics: IoT will lead to terabytes of data every minute. We help make sense of this data and convert them into actionable inputs
  • Integration services: We ensure smooth integration between multiple interfaces of a CSPs’ platform and existing infrastructure (OSS/BSS) with the end clients’ user interfaces
  • We offer flexible commercial models like revenue sharing or pay as you go
  • Our IoT experience is backed by a strong Telco lineage that complete insight on CSP pain points

Global IoT experience

TCTS has evolved from designing and developing vertical solutions for individual offerings to bundled solutions for different Industry Segments. At present, TCTS caters to segments like Smart Cities, Smart Utilities, Workforce tracking and safety, Heavy Industries automation/efficiency augmentation, Transport/ Telematics, Healthcare, etc.

Smart Utilities

Smart cities

Other IoT Solutions

Case references

Use Case Title Brief Description
LoRA Network Management Service Assurance (Field & NOC) for India first LoRA Network
Telematics - Fleet Management & Heavy Vehicles Vehicle Tracking, Vehicle Performance/ Usage / Fuel Monitoring, Driver Behavior, Insurance, Spare Parts Management
IoT in Healthcare Smart devices for measuring Blood Sugar, Pressure connected to an application on cloud talking to EHR Platforms
Smart City Solutions Smart Parking for a citywide parking space management connected to payment gateway. Smart Environment Solutions for measuring pollution levels (air/ noise), water levels.
Enterprise IoT Solutions Connected Cabinets for monitoring the storage, consumption and misuse for a beverage company.
Smart Metering solution for Electric Supply Company
Work Force Tracking Tracking of resources working in mines or remote areas for personnel safety
Asset Management Solution provides visibility of any asset movement in the field. Alert and e-mail notification to concerned stake-holders if the movement is beyond some threshold
Inventory Management Improved infra utilization: structural mapping of each and every parking slot ensuring visibility of all free and used parking slots to central system

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