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Today CSPs need to analyse and measure everything to stay competitive, and exactly know how much they needs to reduce the churn and fraud, improve management, increase sales or decrease operational costs.

Gartner in its reports says that the adoption of analytics in telecommunications is intended to improve visibility into core operations, internal processes and market conditions, discern trends and establish forecasts. Future analytics will also include data from systems beyond traditional billing and mediation sources.

Key Service Offerings

Cognitive Assistant for Networks (CAN)

TCTS along with its partner developed a Cognitive Assistant for Network, popularly known as CAN, that helps operators improve significantly with higher number of fault occurrences per Network element per root cause. It helps -
  • Manage the increasing complexities of networks with growth in small cells, 4G & 5G and IOT specific networks.
  • Optimise network maintenance OPEX through Artificial Intelligence driven predictive maintenance capabilities.
  • Improve customer experience & Operator revenue by significantly improving network uptime.

CAN – Fault Prediction Dashboard

  • It predicts more than 300 fault types across radio, transmission and passive infra
  • It can expand to more and diverse networks including WiFi

CAN – Mobile App

  • Fault Prediction
  • Root Cause Recommendation
  • Map based Fault Display
  • Pending Fault Alert from Mobile
  • Voice based fault closure command

Value Proposition

  • Domain intimate rules optimised for specific networks
  • Correlates data from diverse sources to analyse impact of outages on QoS
  • Unique proprietary and patent pending machine learning algorithms

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