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The current radio access network (RAN) scenario is complex, with the saturation of 2G-era network equipment and the proliferation of 4G services (mobility, data, VoLTE, and video). With the evolution of 5G, telecom service providers across the world are adapting and upgrading their network capabilities to offer end users uninterrupted and enriched wireless services across platforms. However, this requires differentiated skillsets and the right technology implementation. Telcos need the right partner to help them transition swiftly and efficiently from 2G to 5G, with the right RAN services to tackle issues in network latency, reliability, and signaling overhead.

Tata Communications Transformation Services (TCTS)'s 4G/5G RAN planning and deployment services comes with industry leading tools ecosystem to design the network with best possible spectrum utilization and deploy the network in slimmest of time with zero tolerance to any deployment error. . Our Industry-proven best practices and services equip networks with added advantage of extra coverage and capacity while enabling customer with best experience of network


From planning, Design ,building, deployment, and migration to optimizing and building performance improvement strategies, TCTS addresses the holistic needs of 4G/5G RAN network deployment, offering complete deployment flexibility over network needs and cost optimization.

Deployment Strategy

Plan better with efficient network strategies that suit specific technical needs and business goals to ensure flawless deployment

RAN Planning for Macro and Small Cell

Design compact and low-cost macro infrastructure with our strategic planning that enables smooth deployment in indoor and outdoor settings

Site Design and Engineering

Ensure uniform user experience with efficient site design, engineered to bridge coverage gaps and meet capacity demands

RAN Build and Deployment

Leverage agile and reliable network rollout with deep-rooted expertise and cost-effective RAN deployment, ensuring operational efficiency

Radio Network Optimization

Achieve desired network design parameters on performance, coverage, and capacity in accordance with all major wireless technologies and network initiatives such as 5G, LTE, LTE-A, WCDMA, and GSM.

Smart Drive Test and Benchmarking

Manage and meet evolving customer expectations with high-quality DAS performance while also tracking satisfaction and KPIs to optimize your services.

Customer Experience Management

Meet evolving customer expectations with future-proof RAN deployment to deliver robust network solutions and ROI


Why choose us?

Flexible Network topology and AI-driven planning

Proven expertise and advanced testing capabilities

Scalability and in-node modularity



September 24, 2021

While the end-users are excited about the new, divese services and the flexibility that 5G will offer, the CSPs...

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