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Survey data shows that 70-80% of wireless traffic comes from indoor areas. And with the introduction of 5G and the demand for meeting service KPIs like high throughput and low latencies, this traffic is bound to rise. The new high- bandwidth FR2 band spectrum for 5G promises a capacity boost for data requirements in AR/VR, the Metaverse, and more. However, it can’t travel large distances. As a result, telcos rely on inbuilding solutions to fill in the coverage blind spots.

Inbuilding solutions answer the demand for continuous and extended connectivity across homes and public buildings like malls, stadiums, and offices. Tata Communications Transformation Services (TCTS)'s in-building DAS services ensure continuous coverage that enhances customer experience, irrespective of building size. Our expertise helps you strengthen private networks across the space's built-up and open areas and build on your capabilities to explore new revenue-generation opportunities.


We offer end-to-end private network solutions from network planning, design, and deployment—a combination of consulting and services from initial use-case application requirements to private EDGE system integration and post-production support. With our deep-rooted IP, optical, and wireless expertise, we help you build robust, secure, and reliable private network solutions for everything that is critical to your operations—from people and machines to sensors and servers.

Deployment Strategy

Our NextGen Planning identifies the potential indoor coverage gaps through a combination of physical planning and crowd-sourced data which can help CSPs plan their indoor solution deployment strategy.

IBS Site Survey

Design a perfect network with our thorough survey to determine the right number and placement of antennas to provide the best coverage.

Planning, Design, and Documentation

Prevent losses with smart planning that balances passive with active elements while still retaining the aesthetic beauty of the building.

Installation and DAS Integration

Ensure complete coverage with our full turnkey operations in installing and integrating DAS services over your entire premises.


Enable THE best quality of service with rigorous testing of your multi- operator network across various bands and wireless technologies.

Customer experience management

Manage and meet evolving customer expectations with high-quality DAS performance while also tracking satisfaction and KPIs to optimize your services.


Why choose us?

Vendor agnostic approach

Delivery-ready pool of iBwave experts and certified resources

Global presence



May 05, 2022

With mobile network evolution towards 3G and 4G based services, In-building cellular systems that are primarily designed for 2G voice-based...

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