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Technological advances driven by Industry 4.0 is enabling asset-intensive industries to become more data-driven while adopting zero-touch automation. This has necessitated enterprises to implement robust and reliable connectivity through a highly secure, reliable, and high-performance wireless infrastructure that connects end-to-end processes. This is where a private wireless network becomes the key to unlocking the potential of Industry 4.0 as well as Industrial IoT, connecting all your industrial assets and enabling coverage, capacity, and capabilities for your critical operations.

Our private network solutions, design, and end-to-end integration bring in next-generation connectivity for your digital transformation and Industry 4.0 applications today and tomorrow. Our years of expertise and best practices will assist you in deploying cost-effective private network solutions without any hassle, enhancing productivity, efficiency, and safety.


We offer end-to-end private network solutions from network planning, design, and deployment—a combination of consulting and services from initial use-case application requirements to private EDGE system integration and post-production support. With our deep-rooted IP, optical, and wireless expertise, we help you build robust, secure, and reliable private network solutions for everything that is critical to your operations—from people and machines to sensors and servers.

Radio Box

Flexible radio networks that fit all industry site types and traffic scenarios, even if your networks grow in scale and complexity. Our Radio Box brings easy-to-use and scalable radio solutions for your most demanding environments.

  • Radio network plan and design for indoor/outdoor facility
  • RAN integration and commissioning
  • Radio network management and optimization

Core Box

Smarter, simpler, cost-effective connectivity solutions developed by industry experts. Core Box brings higher-value solutions for your production environments with reliability and better security.

  • High-level and low-level backhaul transmission/IP, core network design
  • Support for use case realization, integration, and provisioning of lab and production environments
  • Core function slicing, integration, and visualization
  • User provisioning (e-sim) and management

Operation Box

Increase visibility into your network infrastructure with the right operational support to meet your specific enterprise use case needs and maximize ROI. With Operation Box, we help you ensure network performance consistency and achieve optimal efficiency with network device monitoring and support, enabling your network’s full potential today and tomorrow.

  • Device & network monitoring and life cycle management
  • Managed technical services - field and remote
  • Managed operation radio/core/transmission


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May 05, 2022

With extraordinary data speeds, unparalleled latency and augmented capacities, it may not be incorrect to say that the fifth-generation network...

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